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Imaging Informatics: The Keys to Launching Vendor-Neutral Data

After multiple delays, healthcare organizations across the country are now required to code diagnoses and procedures using the 10th revision of International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems, better known as ICD-10. Implementing this new coding system has been a pain point for many hospitals. With more than 68000 codes (up from ICD-9’s 14000), ICD-10 brings a variety of mapping and other technology issues that can hinder provider workflows and interfere with timely reimbursements. But with the October 15, 2015 deadline now passed, the onus is on hospitals, both in the business office and in the treatment room, to find creative ways to make it work. 

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Documenting the Cost Benefits of Care Management: One Care Management Organization’s Experience

May 26, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
Leaders at AxisPoint Health, a Colorado-based company that provides care management services to a variety of insurers, including to state Medicaid programs, recently conducted a study to assess the potential cost savings of care management programs

Multiple Best-of-Breed Applications Make Up Population Health Stack, Execs Say

May 26, 2016  |  David Raths
Shawn Griffin, M.D., chief quality and informatics officer for Houston-based Memorial Hermann Physician Network, and Tricia Nguyen, M.D., executive vice president for population health, Texas Health Resources, share their perspective on population health trends.

A Sober Analysis Sees Both Forward Movement and Complexity in ACO Development Nationwide

May 21, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
An article published last month in the Health Affairs Blog offers a compelling analysis of the growth and progress of ACO development nationwide—and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of ACO development going forward

What Do the Latest Survey Results about Consumer Interest in Wearables Really Mean—for Providers?

May 15, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
A new study by analysts at PriceWaterhouseCoopers finds that healthcare consumers are very interested in wearable devices—and also that providers have a real opening for patient engagement around those wearables

Mastering Risk-Based Contracting in MD Groups: Focus on Culture First, then IT, Says Industry Expert

May 10, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
Jeffrey Spight, president of the Collaborative Health Systems consulting group, says that the key to moving physician groups forward in risk-based contracting is to focus strategically on culture, with IT the set of tools to adopt, not the end-goal

Geisinger’s Nick Marko, M.D.: What It Takes to Build a Data Infrastructure for Continuous Clinical Performance Improvement

May 7, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
Nick Marko, M.D., an oncologist and the chief data officer at Geisinger Health, shares insights from Geisinger’s journey towards the building of an enterprise-wide data analytics infrastructure to support continuous clinical performance improvement

One CIO’s Perspective on Risk-Based Contracting and IT Challenges

May 6, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
The Orange, Calif.-based St. Joseph Health takes on more risk-based contracts, CIO Bill Russell is finding the IT- and data-related challenges multiplying. Here, he shares some of his perspectives on what his fellow CIOs will face as they plunge into risk.

Watching CMS Listen to Providers

May 3, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
Last week’s announcement on the part of CMS officials proposing significant changes to Medicare payment for physicians signaled an increasing willingness on their part to dialogue iteratively with providers about what needs to be changed---and when

What’s Best for Medicare Docs? Healthcare Policy Experts Weigh in on MACRA Payment Tracks

April 29, 2016  |  Rajiv Leventhal
Healthcare policy folks discuss the MIPS versus advanced APMs track options under the just-released MACRA proposed rule.

New Survey: Clinician Leaders Reveal their Care Coordination Priorities, Challenges

April 25, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
A new survey of clinical and operational leaders from across the continuum of care reveals the main areas of focus of care coordination efforts in patient care organizations nationwide—with implication for IT leaders

Live from iHT2-Cleveland: Geisinger’s Shift from an EDW-Dependent Data Strategy to a Big-Data Strategy

April 19, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
John M. Kravitz, CIO of Geisinger Health System, shared with attendees at the Health IT Summit in Cleveland some of the developments taking place at his organization around the leveraging of data for care delivery improvement

Live from iHT2-Cleveland: Data Stewardship, Governance Issues Emerging as Huge Issues in Data-Fueled Organizations

April 19, 2016  |  Mark Hagland
As the leaders of pioneering patient care organizations push their organizations forward to use data in innovative ways, one thing is clear: new models of data governance, stewardship, and management are going to be needed


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