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Healthcare Informatics Innovator Awards: Co-Second Place Winning Team: Children’s Health Alliance

Rajiv Leventhal
To date, population heath strategies have been mostly focused on adults. But at the Portland, Ore.-based Children’s Health Alliance, pediatricians have been working together on improving quality in pediatric care, despite the fact that robust systems and models for pediatric population health management have simply not been standardized.

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Benefits of HIE Have Not Been Realized Yet, Researchers Find

March 19, 2015     Gabriel Perna
The benefits of health information exchange (HIE) have not yet been realized, according to a recent assessment from researchers at the School of Public Health at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).

Vermont Gets More Robust With Data Exchange

March 19, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC) and Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL) have just completed a project that developed five connections to transmit health data from the hospital to the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE).

Rocky Mountain High: How CORHIO is Changing the HIE Narrative (Part 2 of 2)

March 17, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
Part 2 of the interview with CORHIO CEO Morgan Honea digs into the difficulties associated with successful heath information exchange, as well as the role the federal government has, and if vendors are keeping up with provider demands.

New York Tech Companies Back Statewide HIE

March 16, 2015     Gabriel Perna
Nearly 80 New York-based tech CEOs threw their support behind the Statewide Health Information Network (SHIN-NY), the statewide health information exchange (HIE) in New York.

Rocky Mountain High: How CORHIO is Changing the HIE Narrative (Part 1 of 2)

March 11, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
When it comes to health information exchange, there is no shortage of naysayers nationwide. But in Colorado, HIE success has been evident. In a two-part interview, CORHIO’s CEO digs deeper into the state’s success with data exchange as well as some of the...

State and Regional HIE Sustainability: One Consultant’s View

March 10, 2015     Mark Hagland
Greg McGovern, a former health system CTO and now a director at Aspen Advisors, shares his perspectives on what is making some statewide and regional HIEs sustainable—and others not

The Book Hasn’t Been Written on HIEs Yet

March 4, 2015     Gabriel Perna
A recent study determined that nothing conclusive has been written on the benefits in cost and care improvement from HIEs. We knew that already but why does it feel like people are trying to act as if this is the final chapter?

One Million Patient Records Secured for MetroChicago HIE

February 27, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
Only six months live and one million patient records secured by the MetroChicago Health Information Exchange (HIE).

Informatics Expert on Interoperability: “We’re in the Dark Ages”

February 24, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
Compared to other sectors, healthcare interoperability is certainly immature. One informatics expert and professor of clinical radiology says that the industry only has itself to blame.

Smaller Practices Pressured into Selecting Health System’s Hand-Picked EHR

February 23, 2015     Gabriel Perna
Black Book, a research firm based in Clearwater, Fla., found that most small offices and physician practices in a large health system buy directly from the CIO of their flagship hospital and felt obligated to do so, fearing financial consequences if they...

What Dev Culver Knows: The Secret of HIE Sustainability

February 18, 2015     Mark Hagland
What the executive director of Maine’s HealthInfoNet knows—as do his counterparts in Michigan, Ohio, and Colorado—is how to provide practical value to stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum

Black Book Research: Meaningful Interoperability Remains Years Away

February 17, 2015     Rajiv Leventhal
The current state of operative health information exchanges (HIEs) in the U.S. can best be described as “persistent unpredictability,” and the industry appears a ways away from achieving meaningful interoperability, according to Black Book Research’s annual HIE...