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Moving Healthcare to the Cloud: The Blueprint for Building the Infrastructure of the Future

December 9, 2014
by Corinne Tam

When it comes to disruptive technologies, cloud computing’s role in healthcare systems has become a primary focal point of healthcare IT executives. 

Listen in as David Nesvisky, Executive Director of NetApp, addresses the challenges faced in healthcare’s shift to the cloud, as well as tips and best practices for healthcare organizations to ensure a smooth, successful integration of a cloud computing infrastructure. 

Nesvisky provides executive level strategies and considerations for the cloud, including:

·         Necessities for remaining competitive in the modern healthcare landscape

·         What organizations need for the creation of their cloud computing infrastructure.

·         Benefits of a utility-based approach to cloud computing.

·         Three important things healthcare providers should look for in a technology partner.

And more…

Hear about the blueprint for building the cloud computing infrastructure needed, to ensure your organization can support the future of healthcare. 

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