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Case Study: Eskenazi Health--How Award-Winning Eskenazi Health Was Able to Recapture Millions While Increasing Patient Engagement

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As healthcare shifts from volume to value, hospitals are looking for new and inventive ways to increase patient satisfaction while achieving financial gains.

Eskenazi Health, one of the nation’s leading safety net hospitals, activated the hc1 Healthcare Relationship Management platform to deliver a personalized experience to their patient population. Eskenazi was in need of a way to educate patients about the new state supported insurance program, HIP2.0, available to individuals who would otherwise lack access to affordable health insurance.

With hc1, Eskenazi is now able to:

  • Immediately assess patient facing performance and trends
  • Take timely action on ‘red flag’ patients
  • Segment and target patients in new ways based on personality trends and data

Download the case study to learn how Eskenazi is able to identify and match profiles of eligible patients eligible to be insured under the program and confirm a financial counseling appointment to coincide with office visits that had already been scheduled, closing the loop on patient experience and engagement.

This case study explores how Eskenazi Health was able to harness the power of the healthcare relationship cloud to increase engagement and decrease patient no shows. With the average surgery costs estimated to around $15,000, a 9% decrease in no shows saved Eskenazi millions in just three months.


Download the case study now.


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