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CASE STUDY: Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Automates and Improves Medication Reconciliation

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Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, an 81-bed private non-profit hospital in North Carolina, recognized the issue with collecting patient medication histories. A complete and accurate list of patient medications could take up to a day to complete in some cases. This issue sparked a data-driven and automated process, resulting in massive time savings.

In this brief case study, readers will review Hugh Chatham’s new method of collecting medication history, fueled by patient data and automated processes. 

Viewers will discover how:

  • Utilizing upgraded medication history enabled the facility to complete medication reconciliation within seconds.
  • This process change resulted in a savings of approximately 3,800 to 4,200 staff hours per year.
  • Drug shoppers have been identified within the system and blocked from receiving additional prescriptions.

Read this case study, and find out how immediate access to medication history has improved prescription procedures, staff workflow, and overall patient safety at Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital.

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