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Health IT Summit Series

Midwest — March 19-20, 2019
Southern California — April 23-24, 2019
Florida — May 21-22, 2019
Southeast — June 13-14, 2019
Philadelphia — June 2019
Rocky Mountains — July 15-16, 2019
New England — October 3-4, 2019
Los Angeles — October 2019
Dallas — November 2019
Minneapolis — November 2019
Summit Series


Kaiser Health News Report: Clinics Treating Immigrants Find Themselves in Limbo Around Notification

The clinicians and leaders of U.S. patient care organizations continue to find themselves in a policy limbo around the information they share with federal and state authorities around their care for undocumented immigrants

Survey: Consumers Want to Manage Healthcare Benefits, Costs via Smartphone

A recent consumer survey indicates that consumers want more transparency, convenience and control of their own healthcare, particularly through mobile access, and, this demand could be influencing their healthcare decisions.

ONC Releases Interoperability Standards Advisory Reference 2019

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) has released the 2019 Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA) Reference Edition, which serves as a “snapshot” view of the ISA.

ONC Report: Health IT Progress Stifled by Technical, Financial Barriers

While progress has been made in the adoption of health IT across the U.S. healthcare industry, significant interoperability hurdles remain, including technical, financial and trust barriers, according to a report from ONC.

Research: By 2023, 5M Consumers will be Remotely Monitored by Providers

Wearables, including health trackers and remote patient monitoring devices, are set to become “must-haves” in the delivery of healthcare, with an annual spend on these devices reaching an estimated $20 billion by 2023.

UC San Diego Health Publishes Early Research on Apple Health Records Feature

The first research on Apple’s Health Records initiative has been released and the research findings indicate that patients are generally satisfied with the app’s ease-of-use and feel that it improves their understanding of their health.

Lessons Learned from the Retail Industry: Healthcare Needs a CRM Focus

Healthcare needs to leverage the best of retail and CRM techniques to better understand patients. Our health, patient satisfaction and patient engagement depend on it.

“Revolutionizing” Healthcare: How Non-Traditional Players are Shaking Up the Sector

January 15, 2019  |  Rajiv Leventhal, Managing Editor
Innovation Could consolidation and contentment among major healthcare stakeholders—both on the provider and vendor fronts—open the door for new disruptors with innovative solutions?

A Managed Care Expert Looks at the Challenges Facing Providers As They Plunge into Risk

January 14, 2019  |  Mark Hagland, Editor-in-Chief
Value-Based Care As the leaders of hospitals, medical groups, and health systems plunge into value-based contracting, the challenges of strategizing around downside risk are becoming more complex

Manifest MedEx CEO on the Path Forward for HIEs, and Connecting Healthcare in California

January 14, 2019  |  Heather Landi, Associate Editor
HIE Claudia Williams, CEO of California HIE Manifest MedEx and former White House technology senior advisor, discusses the organization’s strategy to provide value to network participants and the path forward for HIEs.

Are New APMs from CMMI Coming Soon? Industry Stakeholders Forecast Bold Moves from the CMS Innovation Center in 2019

January 11, 2019  |  Heather Landi, Associate Editor
Value-Based Care What might be in the works over at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation? Industry stakeholders, and federal lawmakers, are eager to know what the relatively opaque agency has in store.

Four Ways RCM Must Transform for the Shift to Value-Based RCM

January 10, 2019  |  Parag Shah, Industry Voice, President, Practice Solutions, Integra Connect
Revenue Cycle Management A recurring theme of value-based care is the need for practices to undergo transformation and adjust their practices, clinically and operationally. But how should they transform...

eBook: Say Hello to the Right Technology: A Guide to 2017 Connectivity Solutions

It can be hard for today’s businesses to create a truly integrated work environment. Having an infrastructure built on outdated technologies can further complicate the situation, resulting in a variety of business challenges that fall under four distinct categories:

Drexel University Moves Forward on Leveraging NLP to Improve Clinical and Research Processes

January 8, 2019  |  Mark Hagland, Editor-in-Chief
Analytics At Drexel University, Walter Niemczura is helping to lead an ongoing initiative to improve research processes and clinical outcomes through the leveraging of NLP technology

Missouri Health Connection’s CEO Defends HIEs’ Value in a Competitive HIT Landscape

January 8, 2019  |  Rajiv Leventhal, Managing Editor
HIE Angie Bass—Missouri Health Connection’s president and CEO—discusses MHC’s HIE journey, the biggest challenges that exist today, and how the organization is providing value for its members.

AI and Healthcare: Cure-All, Poison Pill, or Simply Smarter Medicine?

January 7, 2019  |  Josh Gluck, adjunct professor, NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service, Industry Voice
Analytics AI is moving from hypothetical to business critical in healthcare. Implementing AI may seem like a cure-all to every hospital woe, from data entry to imaging, and it would be easy to get overwhelmed.

One Thought-Leader’s Look at the New Social Contract in Medicine and Healthcare

January 7, 2019  |  Mark Hagland, Editor-in-Chief
Patient Engagement Healthcare thought-leader Michael Millenson shares his perspectives on the emerging new social contract around medical care and healthcare—in a time of accelerating technology disruption

Health IT Predictions for 2019

January 4, 2019  |  Dave Levin, M.D.
Innovation It’s January and that means it is time to brush the dust off of my crystal ball and make some predictions about health IT for the upcoming year.

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Featured Commentary

Health IT Predictions for 2019

Innovation It’s January and that means it is time to brush the dust off of my crystal ball and make some predictions about health IT for the upcoming year.

Assessing the New Cybersecurity Practices Publication: Why Small and Medium-Sized Care Organizations Have Reason to Rejoice

Cybersecurity A new set of voluntary cybersecurity practices released by HHS offers practical advice and conceptual supports for hospitals and medical groups

Healthcare’s Year of Living Dangerously? What 2018’s Merger Mania Really Means, Going Forward

Value-Based Care The year 2018 was one of the most head-spinning yet in the healthcare business world, with mergers and acquisitions gaining speed—and increasing in diversity and heterogeneity

Has CMS Just Tipped the Scales Towards Provider Alienation, in its ACO Final Rule?

Payment CMS’s release of its final rule on MSSP ACO participation has pushed the healthcare industry into a very fraught moment in the ongoing evolution of the ACO experiment
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