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CareMedic Innovates

August 1, 2007
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Ten years after creating the first Medicare direct-entry system for healthcare providers, St. Petersburg, Fla.-based CareMedic Systems Inc. continues bringing innovative solutions to the healthcare revenue cycle market.

"We focus on the issues that have the greatest financial impact on our customers' operations," explains Sheila Schweitzer, Chairperson and CEO. "We've lead the industry in a number of areas, and our products are a response to the financial challenges faced by provider organizations." The company's latest innovations offer significant benefits and contribute to its customers' overall efficiency.

The electronic Financial Record™ (eFR™)

CareMedic has pioneered a patient-centric solution that gathers a patient's financial data from disparate systems and combines it in a single record for more efficient management, access and retrieval. The eFR provides a logical, user-friendly interface and intelligent automated workflow. In addition to eliminating routine, repetitive tasks, the eFR's integrated performance management dashboard provides a comprehensive, current snapshot of revenue cycle activity. With customizable views for CFOs, patient financial services directors and other management, the dashboard empowers end users to enhance productivity and profitability.


A combination of technology and services, SecondaryGold provides tools for hospital staff to better manage primary claims, while CareMedic's staff manages secondary claims processing and follow-up. This unique solution can increase an organization's collection rates to more than 90 percent of collectable secondary claim dollars—increasing cash flow and reducing write-offs. The integrated performance management dashboard allows users to see where CareMedic's collection efforts stand at any moment.

Consolidated Payment Management

Providers face a challenge in managing payment data when they still receive a significant portion of their remittance advices from payers on paper. Reconciling paper EOBs to claims is a complex, manual, labor-intensive and error-prone process. CareMedic's OptimizeAR Consolidated Payment Management provides the tools and resources to efficiently convert remittance advice data from paper to a standard electronic 835 format for complete, accurate, automated posting and reconciliation.

For information about these and other CareMedic solutions, call 1-800-508-8494 or visit

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