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One-on-One with HUMC's CIO Lex Ferrauiola & CTO Ben Bordonaro, Part II

August 5, 2008
by root
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Hackensack's IT chiefs explain that support comes from translating IT spend into clinical and business benefits.

The second phase would be to replace the Siemens Invision System for patient access and patient accounting. We would start that in the summer of 2010 and look to complete that by the end of 2011. While that’s happening, we hope to be rolling out to the community physician offices who want to subscribe to the ambulatory piece.

AG: The New England Journal of Medicine came out with something about three weeks ago — they did a study that said the uptake in a real full-scale ambulatory EMR was about 4 percent, which is incredibly low. Based on your discussions with physicians, do you know if there’s any uptake in this area?

BB: We did surveys of our community physicians and our numbers were about 20 percent having EMR today. And the other 80 percent were looking for it. Some 70 percent were willing to look at or sign on for our service.

AG: And that would be available around 2010?

BB: In phases, yes.

AG: It’s probably the kind of thing nobody minds waiting for?

LF: They all want to know how much it’s going to cost. A lot of them are saying to us, ‘We’ll be your pilot so we can bring physicians there to see it, but we want something for it. Not only do we want it for free, but we want you to … .’ When it comes down to having to make an investment, then we’re going to see really who is interested.

BB: When we did the survey, some of the top concerns, obviously, were around cost. A physician practice is not going to drop six figures on an EMR, we’re talking about family practice physicians that are not in the specialty areas. The ones that have EMR now, I visited a lot of their offices. We extend out our EMR to their offices when they’re attending physicians here. So they have access to our PACS, our EMR, and our EKG and OB, to their offices.

AG: So they can see in to the hospital system?



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