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One-on-One with North Shore-Long Island Jewish CIO John Bosco

December 31, 2009
by root
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On the heels of a massive deal with Allscripts, Bosco says physician integration strategies hinge on one issue: data ownership

And so what the Integrated Model says is you can participate in the management of these care guides, you'll follow the care guides and, on a monthly basis, you're willing to report back to us your performance data anonymized but you agree to report that quality data to us so we can use it in the aggregate to measure the impact that we are having on the population health. That gets you the 85 percent subsidy.

AG: Are you getting a sense of whether they're generally inclining towards the 85 percent or 50 percent?

JB: They are, for the most part, inclined toward the 85 percent, as we get them comfortable with the data we'll have access to and how it will be used. I think there are some who just think it's worth the money.

AG: When we're talking about pulling in the ambulatory data, how do you pull data that's hosted with Allscripts or at the practice?

JB: We are working with Allscripts to create that level of integration and, in fact, they have software called Connect which has that ability. That software had been out for a year or two. It's not fully matured yet, but we do know of at least one other local health system that's already doing exactly that, pulling in information from the office EMR.

AG: Can the practices host the data themselves?

JB: The way we've built the program, the way we're building the infrastructure, the pricing that we've been able to come up with is, in some part, based on the economies of scale that we get by them all being centrally hosted in a common infrastructure. And so right now, it's an ASP only model, with Allscripts hosting the data.

Healthcare Informatics 2010 January;27(1):39-40


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