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March 30, 2009
by root
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Organizational Changes

What changes does your organization plan to make to the IT staff in 2009, in light of the current economy?

  • Add IT staff (26.67%)

  • Maintain IT staff at current level (46.67%)

  • Evaluate a potential reduction in force (26.67%)


2/9/09 - We reviewed operational (primarily maintenance) and capital budget for recommended cuts.

2/9/09 - We cut cost in other areas.

2/10/09 - I hope to be able to maintain the current level.

2/12/09 - It all depends on patient count and demand. Besides, the wave doesn't crash until next year.

House vs. Senate

In terms of protecting patient records, do you side with the House, which favors strict measures backed by consumer advocates, or the Senate, which supports limited measures backed by business interests?

  • House (48.39%)

  • Senate (19.35%)

  • I don't agree with either (22.58%)

  • Not sure yet (9.68%)

Conference Attendance

In the current operating environment, does attending the HIMSS conference hold the same value for you personally as in past years?

  • Yes (14.29%)

  • No (66.67%)

  • Too early to tell (19.05%)

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