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February 1, 2009
by root
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Which is the greatest obstacle to implementing a fully functional patient portal?

  • Working through cultural and workflow issues with clinicians 26.32%

  • Obtaining funds and staff for the project and making the ROI case 10.53%

  • Integrating portal software with EHR and financial software systems 26.32%

  • Overcoming concerns about privacy of patient data 36.84%


  • 12/12/08—Privacy/security issues must be dealt with first before you move on. Unfortunately, this mandatory step speed bumps creativity and complicates development, something health care IT has to live with daily.

  • 12/12/08—Until the privacy issue is resolved, it will cast a shadow over the other issues listed.

  • 12/15/08—Bottom line, as with most everything, is the cost.

  • 12/17/08—I feel because there is some much diversity in cultures, that would be the greatest obstacle to implement a fully functional patient portal.

The Noblis Center for Health Innovation has identified the five top trends that will impact provider care in 2009. Which do you think is the most significant?

  • Consumer demands will continue to change 19.05%

  • Budgets will be trimmed and capital investments delayed 47.62%

  • Hospitals and health systems will see more consolidation 9.52%

  • The physician/nurse workforce will be in transition 9.52%

  • Healthcare reform will be a hot topic, but national impact won't be felt 14.29%


  • 1/2/09—The economy drives the “extras” when it comes to healthcare.

  • 1/5/09—Until interoperability and transparency become a legislative requirement allowing clinically relevant data to follow the patient through their respective continuum of care, we will continue to fall short with regard to best practices, continuity of care, patient safety and denials (caused by repeat procedures and a lack of ubiquity, across the ambulatory, acute and GP domains). Vendors lack the incentive to share clinical data with disparate systems, and no monolithic system truly covers these three spheres (IP/OP/GP).

In terms of clinical transformation work (fundamentally reworking patient care processes to improve care quality, patient safety, and clinician efficiency and effectiveness), my organization has:

  • Made significant progress already 10.00%

  • Begun work in at least one or two major clinical service areas 40.00%

  • Not yet begun work, but made concrete plans to do so 20.00%

  • Not yet formalized plans, but discussed it 10.00%

  • Done nothing in this area so far 20.00%

Healthcare Informatics 2009 February;25(14):16

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