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PODCAST: You’ve Been Breached. Now What? (Part 2)

October 4, 2012
by Gabriel Perna
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This is the second part of a two-part podcast series with James Rountree, senior consultant at Aspen Advisors, on data breaches in healthcare. Every week we’re seeing providers, payers, and government agencies, of all shapes and sizes, fall victim to a data breach. In the most recent issue of HCI, Associate Editor Gabriel Perna wrote an industry-wide report that attempts to look at this growing issue in a larger scope and found that data breaches are costing the healthcare industry an average of $6.5 billion on an annual basis.  

In part one of the podcast, Rountree discussed how it’s the human error, more often than not, that is causing these breaches. He also the process of learning data protection is not uniformly up to par across the board in the healthcare industry. In part two, he talks about how providers must protect their data against the increasingly present threat of high-level hackings, and he talks about some of the basic steps they should be doing after their data has been breached.

James Rountree

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