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Web access for outpatients and visitors —best practices?

November 14, 2008
by anonymous
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I am doing research on Internet access in hospitals and found that there is little out there to provide guidance on best practices. Overall, there seems to be two schools of thought about providing Internet access to outpatients and visitors. One is to provide wireless access and expect people to bring their laptops, PDAs, and other mobile devices. The other is to provide the device too. The device can be fixed or mobile. For instance hospitals have installed Internet terminals in waiting rooms, the cafeteria and other selected locations throughout the building. The mobile option offers a “loaner service” for laptops or tablets.

While there are obvious pluses and minuses of the different options (theft, security, support, etc), I would like to get your input on what has worked or not worked in your organization, and what if any applications are offered beyond basic Internet service.

Any and all comments are welcome!



Hi Fran, while I was in Las Vegas last year caring for my father, they had NO internet access, so I had to walk miles in the Vegas sun to find an AT&T store and get a wireless card for my laptop. It would have been nice if they had WiFi. They didn't have EMRs or CPOE either, so I guess it wasn't a shock. They did, however, save his life :)