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March 25, 2009
by daphne
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We had a visitor from Charleston yesterday —and solidified a friendship. Tim Tolan, senior partner at Sanford Rose Associates and contributor to Healthcare Informatics, was in New York on business (he got some new jobs on this trip, in case you’re looking.) After his meetings, Tim walked down Fifth Avenue to stop by our offices and say hello to Anthony, Kate and me. And Tim had a 6:00 p.m. flight to catch, too.

We had never met Tim before, but we’d talked hundreds of times. And what a pleasure it was to meet him—a regular smile fest. The second we got together, the ideas started flying. Which only served to remind me that there is nothing like face time with the people you do business with. Tim knew that—which is why, on a day when he flew in, had meetings and then flew out, he still made that time for us.

HIMSS is just around the corner, and I can’t wait to meet a lot of you. We’ve talked on the phone, sure, and exchanged lots of emails. But like with Tim, there is no replacement for that one on one.

I’ll be in the Healthcare Informatics booth during show hours and I sure hope you stop by and say hello. And don’t forget our party on Monday night (RSVP here )—because face time is always better with a cocktail.



I enjoyed my visit to HI and absolutely agree that meeting face- to-face is the best way to solidify a relationship. It is very hard to forge a meaningful relationship with someone you've never met! I try to schedule time to meet with key clients in person as often as possible. If possible I usually prepare an agenda in advance of the meeting (or jot down a few thoughts) so expectations are on the table up front.

Did I mention that the entire HI team look 10 years younger in person - didn't think so!

Great point Daphne. A sit down for 20 minutes is worth a hundred phone calls (and a billion emails)

That goes for you too, Tim!