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Culture Change and NYC’s Soda Ban

September 13, 2012
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Does transformation come at a price?

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This is not a new idea...first heard it in 1975. Still gets play every once in awhile. But then it fades, as it will in NYC. It fades because as you point out where do you stop? No more extra large pizzas? Eliminate half the cabs in NY - better they walk...and so on.

Now here's the real irony. If we don't want people to consume so much sugar, stop subsidizing the sugar industry, and the farmers who grow corn. If we wnat people to exercise more cut back on cars (like why bailout GM?), and so on.

As the great philosopher Pogo once said. We have seen the enemy and he is us!

Frank Poggio
The Kelzon Group

Thanks for your comments Frank!