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Don't Scrooge Yourself Out Of The Ideal Candidate!

November 30, 2012
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Post jobs in December to get a jump on your competition

Since Thanksgiving, I have heard the same comment from countless Healthcare IT employers. “Well…we do have several critical needs, but with the holidays and all…we’re just going to wait until January to post the positions.” Okay. From a recruiter’s standpoint, I can see why this approach might make sense. There is always an inevitable slowdown at the office this time of year, and between the chaos of year-end details and lunchtime Secret Santa gift exchanges and the stampede out the door to score those last “use ‘em or lose ‘em” vacation days, who really has time to field calls and resumes from potential candidates? And what kind of candidate is going to use the holidays to look for a job, anyway?

What kind of candidate? The ideal candidate, that’s who! Think about it. Do you want an employee who searches for his/her next gig on company time, or one who waits for some time off to start the process? Are you looking for a hospital team member who is a professional job hopper, or one who takes stock of his/her life over the break and vows to finally make a change for the better? During the holidays, after the new bicycle is assembled, Cousin Eddie finally pulls the RV out of the driveway, and the eggnog runs out, Healthcare IT professionals who are searching for a fresh challenge in 2013 will fire up the computer. Resumes will be updated, job boards will be scoured, and then the ideal candidate will apply to a few choice positions to dip his/her toe into the water of new opportunity. And with a little luck, your Inbox will be filled with the resumes of these (sugar) plum candidates upon your return. (But only if you post your positions).

So, if you have needs to fill in early 2013, now's your chance to get a jump on your competition.  In the spirit of the world's most successful recruiter - EVER - (who else could get people to relocate to the North Pole?) Post Away, Post Away, Post Away All!

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