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7 Killer Career Self-Assessment Questions

November 5, 2008
by Joe Bormel
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7 Killer Career Self-Assessment Questions
SEAK, an eclectic Cape Cod-based organization offers some insights

Inspired Tim Tolan's
provactive post, I've
posted here a link and high-level outline of Steven Babitsky 'Physicians Personal Career Inventory.'
Although directed at practicing physicians, the career growth considerations for CIOs and other CXOs working in healthcare are common:

1. The Level of Support from Their Spouse/Significant Other

2. Desire to Relocate?

3. Financial Situation

4. What are your strengths, skills and abilities?

5. Additional Training

6. What is your passion?

7. What makes you unique?

Babitsky, a recovering attorney and successful career transitioner, concludes as follows:

[People] who are considering a career transition should take a critical look at their current situation. They should be prepared to take a personal career inventory.

[People] who start their transition with an honest look at their current situation, abilities, talents and passions will be on the way to a successful career transition.

It seems that Babisky might have communicated, through the priority sequence here, something deeply important about an objective self-assessment. What do you think?

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