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Top Ten Informatics Events of 2008

December 29, 2008
by Joe Bormel
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Top Ten Informatics Events of 2008

Daniel Masys and AMIA publish their Year in Review

Last month, at the 2008 AMIA annual meeting in DC, Dr Dan Masys presented his annual Year-in-Review. In case you missed it, he often is invited to present it at the subsequent HIMSS. He reviews the most notable publications and events; It seemed reasonable to share it as we all contemplate what 2008 meant for us.

Here's the link and those top ten notable events:

AMIA Informatics 2008 Year in Review

Notable Events

#10 –

Personal Genome Project data available, October 2008

#9 –

ONC Strategic Plan published

#8 –

Massachusetts joins Nevada in requiring encryption of person identifiable data

#7 –

Exchange of clinical data using HITSP standards orchestrated by ONC, Sept 23.2008

#6 – AMIA organizes Rockefeller Global eHealth conference

#5 -

CMS Medicare Improvements Act of 2008 pays more for e-prescribing

#4 – Explosion of molecular data

#3 -

FDA Sentinel Initiative launched

#2 –

NIH Public Access policy becomes mandatory

#1 –

Obama wins Presidency on platform including $50B for EMR infrastructure

This is an excellent list and the links are very effective. If anyone is interested in elaboration of any of them, I did take notes at Dan's presentation which I can share here. Incidently, in the link and in the presentation, Dan is very clear in his criteria for what made it into the

Review. It includes literature as well as a well qualified social network.

It was nice to see that the list included all of the topics covered in the HCI blogs over the same time period. So, Kudos to the HCI bloggers, and to AMIA, for once again demonstrating leadership in bringing the important issues to everyone's attention.

Does anyone notice any important events that aren't included?

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