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Why we fight

September 22, 2009
by Joe Bormel
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Yesterday, NBC / MSNBC had a 5 minute story (

video here), featuring Sorrel King talking about her 18 month old daughter Josie's death from a medical error. Mrs King has been putting human faces on this unspoken tragedy, and giving clarity to our work to improve communication and collaboration in healthcare. The Josie King Foundation (JKF) is




Joe, thank you for posting this. I really, truly admire Sorrel King for having the strength to turn a terrible tragedy into a crusade. So much of what Johns Hopkins Medicine has done in terms of patient safety efforts stems from Sorrel's efforts. It's amazing the difference one person can make.

Great point, Kate.

I recall the video of Sorrel King innocently asking a room of several thousand healthcare provider executives, "Why cant a patient or family member call a rapid response team event?" (so called Condition H) The healthcare improvement folks recognized this as obviously good. You're right. She has done a lot of good and clearly continues to lead. Sadly, it seems that most if not all of the improvement leaders have a tragic personal story. Don Berwick and David Brailler come to mind, and the prevalence seems to be at least mid double digits.