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Disaster Recovery and High Availability

May 29, 2008
by lstofko
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To offset some of my "consumer focused" thoughts from the last post, I thought I would include a blurb from a recent request our IT team made requesting what CEOs and CFOs traditionally see as "just IT infrastructure stuff"...

This could not be further from the truth. In an era moving towards the electronic patient record (kudos to TEPR), disaster recovery and high availability are more important than ever! Imagine being a clinician (or patient for that matter) and the only way you have to get information is through the electronic system, and it is down...

As clinical care becomes increasingly reliant on electronic systems, IT failures now pose life-and-death risks to patients. Data protection and disaster recovery planning are now critical not just to the health of a hospital's data, but to the health of our patients. Disaster recovery and high availability initiatives implement technology and processes which enable proactive and responsive capabilities that sustain or resume mission-critical accessibility of information systems in the event of a failure.

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