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Healthcare CIO 2.0

September 21, 2008
by lstofko
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Late this summer, I had the opportunity and pleasure to speak at the CHIME traveling LEAD forum titled Healthcare CIO 2.0: The Evolving Role of the Chief Information Officer. I spoke with two fellow CIOs, Russ Branzell of Poudre Valley Health System and Ed Marx of Texas Health Resouces on a CIO case study panel.

I found several similarities between the three of us and the approaches we have taken, but was also struck by an technology analogy that I mentioned just before I spoke (I was third of the three of us). With the ad battle between Mac Guy and PC Guy in my subconscious, I likened Russ to IBM, Ed to Google, and I was “open source”. I say this with the utmost respect for the two of them and only to draw out Russ’s ability to take the best that a CIO has to offer and expand that into other areas of his organization (he also runs HR) and Ed’s skillful optimization of consumer web-based tools and his ability to effectively leverage them for his organization.

With regards to me, as I had been putting my presentation deck together it dawned on me that my approach and successes have been based on partnerships, engagement, and the “open contribution” of others. Over the following weeks, I will touch on each of the 10 slides I used to define the Healthcare CIO 2.0 from the perspective of Partnerships.

Here’s the run down…

Part(nership) 1 of 10: Sourcing
Part(nership) 2 of 10: The CMIO
Part(nership) 3 of 10: Healthcare Industry
Part(nership) 4 of 10: Physicians
Part(nership) 5 of 10: Consumer/Patient
Part(nership) 6 of 10: The Community
Part(nership) 7 of 10: Emerging Technology
Part(nership) 8 of 10: Executive Team
Part(nership) 9 of 10: Advocacy

Part(nership) 10 of 10: Friends and Family

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