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Readin', Writin', 'Rithmetic ... and... Executive Development?

February 26, 2009
by Mark Hagland
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One of the obvious needs (among so many) facing CIOs these days is the need for them and for their staffs to be able to use their intellects and skill sets to move their organizations forward on key IT implementations, both clinical and non-clinical. One aspect of all this is that CIOs are continuing to invest in continuing education of various sorts for themselves and for their team members. Particular attention has been paid of late to giving new CMIOs, CNIOs, and other clinician informaticists education on IT issues. But there are so many other dimensions of this topic, including the kinds of education CIOs are pursuing themselves, as well as other types of education they are helping their team members pursue. More than ever, it seems, it is becoming important to enhance the intellectual and skills capabilities of every key member of the IS team. So, what are you doing at your organization? I am in the process of interviewing CIOs, as well as leaders of organizations that offer education. I'd be very interested in your story and situation, and what your and your team members' experiences have been and are continuing to be, in this area.

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