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May 2, 2008
by stacey
| Reprints

It’s Friday (Yaayy!!!), and I’m reminded how significant scheduling software is for clinicians. I have to leave a little early today for a doctor’s appointment— at least I think I do. It’s not with my OBGYN, if I had an appointment with her, I’d be sure I had the appointment. Forget appointment cards (no, seriously, I’ve already forgotten where I put them. ever heard of ‘pregnancy fog’?), if I had an appointment to check on how my baby-to-be is doing, I’d get a reminder call on my cell phone two days ahead of time. With my doctor today, I not only had to call to confirm the appointment, I had to call to make sure that the office had received the fax sent yesterday with a new referral from my primary care physician’s office. When I called today, instead of telling me that they received the fax, they told me that they didn’t need a new referral as mine was good for another month. It’s not only annoying to get and track down unnecessary referrals (for me, and for the secretaries I’m calling), it’s a waste of time. Plus, it’s Friday.

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