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A Tale of Improvement: The HCI 100

June 10, 2008
by stacey
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We’re not shy. We’ll admit when we’re wrong, or when we’re not cutting it. We know. We weren’t. After hearing from readers that our HCI 100 was confusing, we changed it — dramatically. And after much hard work (and, man, it really was), I’m happy to report it worked. So what did we do and how did we do it? We stripped down our survey and really got at the root of what we were after: HIT revenue. We didn’t just stop at changing the packaging for the survey; we knocked it down, dragged it out, and built it back up. There were times, I’ll even admit, it felt impossible. How could we be even clearer in our survey questions? How could we guarantee that our product would be relevant to the industry? How could we verify to outside eyes that the data that we guarded so closely was in fact accurate? Well, after completely revamping our survey to make sure it was the clearest we could possibly make it, we partnered with a consulting company we trusted (HIS Pros) to crunch the numbers we got in to see what they thought. The end result of all this turned out to be the best HCI 100 ever (so, maybe I’m biased, but that’s the word on the street!). Anyway, I really do hope you enjoy our June issue, but more so, I hope you’ll keep letting us know when we’re hot and when we’re not because we’re listening to what you’re saying. Thank you!

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