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2010 Predictions

January 5, 2010
by vciotti
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Sticking my neck out a bit, here's what I predict for HIT in 2010:

1. Acquisition — a large, multi-billion dollar, multi-national company will buy an HIS vendor. Press releases from each:

a. PARENT = as further proof of our ongoing commitment to the betterment of mankind, rather than just the pursuit of profit, we have acquired this small vendor to restructure its management, revitalize its product line, and bolster its service, all in the interest of improving American healthcare. We employ over 100,250,000 employees world-wide, and are excited to add the 500 employees of HIS VENDOR to our ranks (or, at least those who survive the inevitable purge...).

b. HIS VENDOR = we are excited by this merger, and believe it is the best interest of our shareholders, employees, and clients (in that order). We promise our clients absolutely no disruption in service or the continued enhancement of our products, and intend to invest heavily in RandD thanks to the deep capital resources PARENT brings to us (allowing, of course, for their expectation that we immediately improve our bottom line...).

2. New Product — one or more HIS vendor will announce new products in 2010:

a. Going live at an un-named beta site early this year,

b. "GA" for the entire world by the 4th quarter (just not sure what year...)

c. With extremely modern architecture:

i. XML (Xtremely Mean contract Language)

ii. SaaS (Suckers Are Always Susceptible)

iii. HL7 (Have Lawyers making 7-figures)

iv. LINUX (Lets Invest Now Until Extricated)

v. Etc. (Every Technological Catchphrase)

d. Programmed in PowerPoint for maximum flexibility

e. Demos being schedule on a first-come, first0served basis

f. Deposits being accepted to lock-in an install date

3. New Vendor — a new HIS vendor will enter the market, promising:

a. A new business model, unlike all legacy HIS vendors

b. Wanting to a "partner," not just a vendor

c. Based on a radically new technology, using all of the above acronyms

d. Led by veteran executives with decades of HIS vendor experience

e. Backed by the deep-pockets of venture capital firms

f. Representing a paradigm shift in the HIS industry

g. Deeply committed to improving healthcare through technology

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