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Save print $s

December 5, 2007
by vciotti
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A piece on the tube this morning caught my eye:
A utility called "Green Print" that eliminates the wasteful blank pages that pour out of so many print jobs, choking trash cans and costing money. It's pretty cheap (single user = $30), plus an enterprise license option, and claims to save $90 per user per year. With the hundreds or thousands of PC users at most hospitals, the savings would be 5 or 6-figures per year!
Plus, I think you'd get a lot of brownie points for your IT shops in this increasingly "green" world, from users & executives who hate to cut down trees needlessly!
Web site =Â
PS: I don't own any stock nor have any relatives working there! Sadly, they don't have a Mac version I can use - Windows only!

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