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ARRA/MU Stage 3: Imaging Implications

October 14, 2015  |  Joe Marion
Application providers and healthcare providers need to think creatively in terms of achieving ARRA/MU Stage 3 objectives, especially when it comes to imaging.

The Health Data Management Evolution: A Better Approach to Application Migration

October 8, 2015  |  Tony Cotterill, founder and chief products officer at BridgeHead Software
Health data management software has emerged from infrastructure as hospital “plumbing” to its new position as a primary, clinical application. One of the drivers for this change is the new role of the EMR and the fact that hospitals everywhere are struggling...

Urban Legends of Radiology Study Storage: The Importance of a Viable Data Retention Policy

October 2, 2015  |  By Kayt Sukel
With nearly 600 million imaging procedures performed each year, and image archive storage demands growing by approximately 40 percent per year, storage of digital images has become a pain point in the healthcare IT budget. But what are the deciding factors...

An Imaging Vendor Evolution?

September 15, 2015  |  Joe Marion
Recently I had some interesting conversations about potential changes in the imaging industry that parallel changes taking place in the U.S. healthcare industry.

Temple, GE Highlight Risk Sharing in Imaging Deal

August 31, 2015  |  David Raths
Temple University Health System and GE Healthcare say a new contract aligns incentives to promote value by providing higher-quality radiologic imaging services more efficiently at a lower cost.

Can Healthcare IT Leaders Help Radiology Leaders Improve Radiology Quality through New Peer Review Strategies?

August 10, 2015  |  Mark Hagland
Innovative processes like retrospective time-limited radiological peer review absolutely call out for strong, smart IT facilitation and support

Developing a Clinically Integrated Network in a Pediatric Setting: Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Experience

August 9, 2015  |  Mark Hagland
The leaders at Phoenix Children’s Hospital have been busy at work building a clinically integrated network, and an ACO, in a pediatric setting, and they’ve been learning important lessons along the way

What Does IBM’s Acquisition of Merge Healthcare Say About the Healthcare IT Market?

August 7, 2015  |  Mark Hagland
IBM’s acquisition of Merge Healthcare caps a series of recent acquisitions, and reflects major shifts taking place now in several healthcare IT vendor sectors

BREAKING: IBM to Acquire Merge Healthcare for $1B

August 6, 2015  |  Rajiv Leventhal
The Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM has just made a big move in the area of advanced image analytics, announcing that it has acquired the Chicago-based Merge Healthcare, a provider of software for managing and processing medical images, for $1 billion.

Report: Healthcare Orgs Becoming More Open to Image Sharing

July 20, 2015  |  Rajiv Leventhal
Image sharing is slowly gaining wider acceptance among healthcare systems as technology continues to advance, according to a new survey from software provider peer 60.

Debe Gash’s Midwestern Common Sense and the Ubiquity of Images

July 19, 2015  |  Mark Hagland
The success of the cloud-based information exchange for diagnostic images at Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City shows that HIE with a vision grounded in reality can work wonderfully well

Saint Luke’s-Kansas City’s Shift to Community-Wide Cloud-Based Image Access

July 16, 2015  |  Mark Hagland
At Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City, CIO Deborah Gash has led a successful initiative to implement a community-wide cloud-based image information exchange


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