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InterSystems ♦

Last Year's Rank: 33

InterSystems is a global provider of software for connected care. Serving healthcare providers, payers, regional/national health information networks, and device manufacturers, InterSystems provides a strategic interoperability platform and an integrated family of health informatics solutions.



The vision behind HealthShare is simple: to transform healthcare by sharing health information and connecting communities. In addition to providing the interoperability platform connecting private health systems, regional health information exchanges, and national health systems around the world, we are now building solutions that directly empower patients and enhance their relationships with physicians, care managers, health plans and everyone else involved in their care,” said Joe DeSantis, Vice President, HealthShare Platforms, InterSystems. Read More


InterSystems has worked with us as a partner, helping us achieve our strategic objectives without disrupting the technology investments we have in place. Having HealthShare as our strategic interoperability platform is not only vital as we expand our footprint, but it will also help us drive innovation in community engagement and more coordinated care.” — Donny Patel, Director, Interoperability, Mount Sinai Health System. Read More


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Press Release:

InterSystems Announces HealthShare Personal Community, a Patient Engagement Platform

HIT Revenue: $391,200,000

Location: Cambridge, MA

Phone: 617-621-0600

Executives: Paul Grabscheid, VP, Strategic Planning; Joe DeSantis, VP, HealthShare Platforms

Year Est: 1978

HIT Employees: 1,400




To learn more, please contact our Market Development team at 1-800-753-2571 or

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