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BYOD Policy Template for Better Security

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The use of mobile devices has become an integral component of most people's personal and professional lives today. Businesses now understand that employees often utilize their personal mobile devices in the workplace; however, this raises several safety and privacy concerns that must be addressed.

This brief provides a guideline for BYOD workplace policies to ensure the confidentiality of protected information and improve staff efficiency.

Readers will gain insight into strategies how to fortify enterprise-wide, mobile security efforts:

  • Improved accountability: who is using his or her personal device in the workplace and what information is being shared?
  • General use practices of personal devices in the workplace: when, where and what is deemed acceptable?
  • Third-party applications: what applications are considered secure and how should these programs be utilized in a healthcare setting?
  • Misplaced or obsolete devices: what is the protocol for lost or terminated personal devices?

Download this guideline for reinforcing existing BYOD security practices and discover how mobile health can minimize expenses, improve patient care and boost staff productivity.

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