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E-book: The Healthcare Providers’ Guide to Revenue Cycle Management: Vital Forward-Thinking Investments

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As healthcare and IT merge into a cohesive entity, providers look towards technological innovation to find the next “cure” in fighting disease, advancing quality of care, and still meeting the financial bottom line.

With recent legislation from HIPAA, ICD-10 and Meaningful Use, hospitals are now legally obligated to meet lofty (and expensive) standards for their healthcare information technology (HIT) hardware and software. How do these organizations comply with these mandates without breaking the bank?

Download this Healthcare Informatics eBook for a deeper dive into revenue cycle management and a peek into how healthcare organizations are impacted when major fiscal changes occur. Gain further insight regarding:

  • Facts about transitioning to a value-based imbursement model
  • Properly scaling capital: Allocating funds for revenue cycle management or EHR platforms without cutting corners
  • Challenges faced by providers when upgrading revenue cycle management software
  • New payments models: a balancing act between predictive analytics, clinical outcome measurements and realigning hospitals’ accounts receivable
  • Understanding the “Triple Aim” of healthcare 

Read this healthcare providers' guide for expertise on effective revenue cycle management and long-term financial forecasting.

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